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        Wedding & Event Photography - On Film

Genuine Medium Format Film Photography for your Wedding or Event!
WHY FILM? Weddings are clearly one of the most important events in any couple's lives, and with the advent of digital photography, it seems nearly anyone can take "good" pictures at a wedding. Nonetheless, the professionals who shoot weddings today using digital cameras often spend less and charge you more for the "convienience" they offer.

Classic wedding photography using real film brings with it a true warmth, tonality and "feel" that digital sources can rarely capture. In addition, the skill required to shoot a wedding on real film is what used to separate the "pros" from the "amateurs". Today, with digital, the lines are blurred.

Central Maine Photo Services offers ONLY genuine film-based medium format photography for your wedding. We then scan the images at variable resolutions depending on your needs. This gives you the best of both worlds. Our Hasselblad cameras and Zeiss Lenses, in combination with Kodak's latest Professional Medium Format Films, offer grainless razor-sharp enlargements of 2 to 3 feet or more! No digital format can do this.

You will see the difference. and your images will be captured permanently on film. No worries about scratched CDs, or crashed computer hard-drives. Film is forever.

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