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        Film Scanning Services

Your Old Film Never Looked This Good!
The 'Instamatic' 126 format color negatives shown at right date back to the year 1968 and 1972. The 35mm Kodachrome slides shown are from 1956. These were all scanned using our multi-pass multi-sampling 48-bit scanning system.

Infra-red "Digital ICE™" technology along with skilled color restoration brought new vitality, excitement and stunning "presence" to these images. The 40 year old long forgotten color negatives and stunning 50+ year old Kodachromes have never looked better.

Central Maine Photo can do the same with your negatives, slides or prints (be they 40 years or 40 days old!) We work with film of any format; 35mm, 126, 110, 120, 127, all slides (mounted or unmounted), individual frames or strips of film.

If you would like your film (negatives or slides) scanned, restored, printed or copied to disc, or simply learn more, don't hesitate to contact us!

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