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Maine Photo Restoration, Slide, Print, Negative Scanning, Colorization & Wedding Photography on Real Film; We do it all!
Whether you have old film, (negatives or slides, color or black & white), one-of-a-kind photos, or irreplaceable family portraits that may be damaged, we have the photo restoration experience required to make your valuable images look as good as new. Additionally, many images can be stunningly improved through custom colorization, a unique and highly skilled service that is not commonly offered elsewhere.

Central Maine Photo Services also offers location photography using real photographic film. Although digital photography has its benefits, the quality, longevity and permanence of real film is without a doubt the most tried-and-true medium on which to capture your special events. Fifty years from now, you will still have your positive or negative film images to reprint or scan at-will. Could you say the same for digital images that have only been saved to a CD-ROM or delicate Hard Drive.

Central Maine Photo Services is your best choice for professional quality film scanning, photo-restoration services and film photography at very competitive rates.

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